Leadership Training

GEA and the IAF offer multiple levels of leadership training for anyone: from the beginner who has never been involved in community organizing but who wants to make a difference, to seasoned leaders looking to take their skills to the next level.

Learn by Doing

One of the best ways to learn is through action.  Our "classrooms" are in church basements, meeting rooms of ally organizations, offices of government officials, and other places where we build our campaigns to advocate for the communities we want.  We take time to teach during planning meetings, at Delegate Assemblies, and in evaluating our actions.

Local Leadership Training

Multiple times a year, GEA hosts classroom style basic trainings - called "Leadership Institutes" - to cover the organizing philosophy, skills and practices of the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF).

These one or two-day trainings are designed to help each member or prospective member organization develop a larger group of members that are trained and committed to strengthening their organization and engaging other members in public action.  The work of building stronger “Mediating Institutions” (what we call our member churches, education organizations and community nonprofits) cannot be done by a few institutional leaders or staff alone – the more trained, the stronger an institution will be.

**Check the GEA Calendar for upcoming Local Leadership Institute dates, registration information, and flyers, or send us an email.**

Regional and National Training

Through our affiliation with the IAF and the IAF Northwest we are able to offer advanced trainings that provide in-depth experience with the organizing practices and principles developed over 75 years by IAF member organizations.

The IAF Northwest hosts a week-long Regional Training at least once per year.   The location rotates through the Northwest US / Western Canada region.  The IAF hosts a week-long National Training once per year.  The location rotates nationally, usually between Chicago and LA.


Interested in Training?

Send us an email if you are interested in learning more about leadership training opportunities.