Standing Together through Hard Times

As the Alberta economy struggles to recover, the stress on families and individuals continues to mount. Thousands of previously well-paid construction workers have been without steady jobs for years and – having already made other sacrifices – many are now at risk of losing their homes. Low-wage workers – including most new Canadians – often work two or more jobs to make modest ends meet.

The economic stress has many ramifications, such as intensifying already extensive challenges with mental health and additions. People are particularly vulnerable when they are isolated or blame themselves. Many lives are being negatively impacted … or lost.

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End Poverty Edmonton - Let's Do This!

EndPovertyEdmonton – a central partner in GEA’s work on Living Wages and Mental Health – has provided another opportunity to act on the larger issues impacting poverty.

Their “Lets Do This” campaign is asking people to contact candidates running for provincial office to tell them that tackling poverty needs to be a priority for Alberta.

If this is of interest to you, please check out their website here.

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