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Please consider donating to The Greater Edmonton Alliance. Your donation can help their efforts to empower everyday people to act together to make lasting change and a more just and compassionate community.

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For  just and compassionate communities….

Dear Friends, 

The Greater Edmonton Alliance (GEA) is an alliance of faith, labor, health education and community organizations dedicated to building a base of everyday civic leaders to effectively stand for change they want to see in their communities.

As we near the end of 2021 GEA needs your support more now than ever before. After nearly 2 years of the covid pandemic, communities and organizations are struggling to return to a pre-pandemic normalcy. In the last year GEA held an action assembly and a meeting with the Edmonton city executive committee concerning the adoption of the Canadian National Standard for  Psychological Safety in the Workplace as official policy. With a new city council we will continue to push for adoption of this policy. GEA has developed a Living Wage Educational Program which we are rolling out in December to our communities. This course will be supporting GEA’s work with the Alberta Living Wage Network which has done a recalculation of living wages in a dozen Alberta communities and are seeking employers who will pay living wages. Our leaders have begun the work to create a process where community members can Wrestle with the Truth of Colonization and take action as called for by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

And we want to be on that journey with you. As an Alliance of 17 organizations and over

25,000 members, we are building a greater team so that we can be advocates for a just and

compassionate city, as well as build leaders in our community.

Please consider joining us again this year to continue our work. You can set up a tax deductible monthly donation or make a one-time donation by visiting our website:

Alternatively, you can send a cheque to:

Industrial Areas Foundation Canada

PO Box 20094 RPO Fairview

Vancouver BC

V5Z 0C1

The Industrial Areas Foundations Canada (IAFC) is the charitable organization that unites alliances in Edmonton, Victoria and Vancouver. Donations made through IAFC are tax-deductible and if you select the Greater Edmonton Alliance for the Common Good fund they are used to support our educational and research programs here in Edmonton.

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