Mental Health Action Team

The Mental Health Action Research Team focuses on increasing access to mental health and addiction recovery resources as well as other ways to reduce adverse stress.

Over the next 6 months the team will be researching the issues surrounding mental health and will bring in guest speakers to address the mental health problems our community are facing.

Please reply to this email [email protected] if you or a colleague are interested in learning more or in joining our mental health team.

In April 2024 Greater Edmonton Alliance and the Affiliate Organizations after a year long listening campaign held a Discernment Assembly where we listened to the personal stories of our members to identify the common issues through consensus that we can act on.

**Rally your Members to Join the Movement to address the Housing/Affordability Crisis and Mental Health**

Opportunity: Invite others in your organization to join you in supporting the campaigns that GEA will be researching and launching in the coming years on the Housing/Affordability Crisis and Mental Health problems that our communities are facing.

We invite you and those you know to be part of the solution. Please reply to this email [email protected] with your interest in learning more about GEA’s Housing/Affordability and Mental Health Action/Research teams in your organization, congregation or community group, or if you are interested in getting involved in another way.