GEA Living Wage Conversations - Building Stronger Communities

Join us as we explore - Why a Living Wage? 

  • Compare Minimum Wage to the Living Wage

  • Define Living Wage - how does a living wage benefit families, communities and employers now and into the future?

  • What are the effects on the physical and mental health of families and the communities when a living wage is not met? 

  • Systemic racism/gender inequality -  Why are low wages impacting women, immigrants and Indigenous people in our communities disproportionately to other groups.

  • Have testimonials from individuals who found themselves in that cycle of poverty. Are they still in that position? If not, how did they break the cycle of low wage poverty?

This conversation will be held over Zoom. RSVP below to receive the Zoom link.

June 12, 2024 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Will you come?

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