GEA has various leadership structures that help guide our direction.  These include:

  • Delegate Assembly - consisting of voting delegates from each member institution, setting the direction for GEA’s organizing work.

  • Strategy Team - an active committee of the Delegate Assembly, providing leadership and guidance between gatherings

  • Research Action Teams - guide our issue work.  These civic leaders do all the work of researching an issue with experts in the field, and then focusing and planning a concrete and winnable campaign which they then ratify with the Delegate Assembly.  Check out our campaigns page for more information about our current work.

  • Institutional Leaders Caucus - a gathering of the institutional staff who are primarily responsible for the well-being of their organizations.  Meetings include conversations about how to understand their institution's larger role in society and how organizing through GEA can help further their institution’s values and goals.


The Board of Directors has financial and legal responsibility for the organization:

Chair: Rev. Philip Penrod, Lutheran Synod of Alberta 

Vice Chair: Dean Murray, Ironworkers Local 720

Treasurer: John Gee, Anglican Diocese of Edmonton 

Recording Secretary: Kristen Lacoursiere CSU 52

Director at Large: Rob Letendre Ironworkers Local 720

Director at Large: Jo-Anne Kobylka, Millwoods United Church

Director at Large: vacant

Get in touch if you are interested in getting involved with any of these leadership teams for GEA.