Living Wage

The Greater Edmontons Alliance, Living Wage/Quality Jobs Research Action Team focuses on efforts to increase access to expand the number of living wage employers and jobs. 

What is Living Wage? 

Living Wage is a level which provides for two adults and their family to have sufficient income to live on and for the wage to be adequate to enable meaningful participation of the worker and their family in their community. The Living Wage is underpinned by three central tenets: that paying workers higher wages has direct positive benefits for workers and their families; that paying a living wage has productivity impacts for employers; and, that paying low-income working people higher wages benefits society at large by reducing the social costs caused by poverty and low wages.

Initiative: Living Wage/Quality Job Educational Course

Join us as we explore the differences between Minimum Wage, Living Wage and Quality Job Wages. Learn how these three tiers of wages affect the individual, families, our communities and the businesses that we work and shop in.
Please email [email protected] if you would be interested in having GEA present the course at your organization, congregation or community group. 

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